Loyal Member

Hi my name is Kekeletso. I am 21 years of age, been a member since April 2018. I really enjoy working out in Evaton branch, the staff is friendly, the machine setup perfect, the best service one could ever ask for at the gym.

Tshepang Mthembu
Loyal Member

Hi my name is Tshepang Mthembu. I really love this gym (Quagga branch). The variety of machines to choose from and as you can see, my muscles are growing and I’m seeing results. I have a hearing impairment but I appreciate the kind of treatment I get from the SBK Gym staff members. We are…

Sandie Wiso
Loyal Member

Hi, my name is Sandie Wiso, age 23, and I am located around Sebokeng Zone 10, Ext 3. I’ve been a member of Sebokeng Gym for a while now (2 years) and I’ve never had problems with the gym. I’m really happy with the services rendered and to top it all off I’ve gained a lot of fitness-wise and health-wise. THANKS ALOT! ZONE 11

Lizzy Hunadey Issa
Loyal Member

They are so friendly every day, they know how to make people feel at home… I don’t have a problem so far… I am happy to be one of your FAMILY!

Loyal Member

My name is Woyni, I’ve been with SBK Gym for 1 month and 15 days, service is good. I’ll encourage other people to come and gym, no complaints.

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